My 10pm Media Space

It’s 10pm on a Monday night. For most people, I’m guessing 10pm is a a bit of a wrap up time, cup of tea, shower, bed. However after a day of uni, a shift at work,  a quick visit to the gym, 10pm for me (and I know many other Gen Y-ers) is a time I typically find myself involved in multiple media spaces. Sat in the ‘public’ living room catching up on a long list of shows recorded on Foxtel IQ, IPhone 5 at my side, while perusing my Facebook news feed, twitter feed, catching up on the news of the day and keeping up to date with my favourite blogs. My media space feels both personal and public. Social media is both mine and those I share it with. The latest episode of Offspring is shared with thousands of Australians, yet here I am sat down watching it at my earliest convenience. Image


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